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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Show at Kyara in Kita-Urawa 3/25/2006

Hello again! It was our first time playing in Saitama~! Kyara Live House in Kita-Urawa was very interesting, from the outside, the building looked like a regular mansion, but on the 4th floor there was a LIVE HOUSE where people ROCKED IT OUT!!! We played Mario Kart on an ol' skool Nintendo while we waited and enjoyed watching the other bands play! K5 was today's Mario Kart Champion! Thanks for inviting us Asuka and sorry for taking too much time~ごめんなさい! peace out Saitama, see you again!

Set List:

1.) graduation
2.) empty arms
3.) waiting
4.) new beginning
5.) fall in love
6.) song for you...
7.) better tomorrow