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Friday, November 03, 2006


Music will never die... Todays' event was held by KNIT, my friend Sho and Taku's new band. Only their second LIVE and already SOLD OUT !!! That shows dedication and great support from die-hard fans! I first met Sho about 6~7 years ago. I came to Tokyo on vacation and was site-seeing in Shibuya when I heard some music playing in the distance. I thought maybe a store was just playing music through loud speakers but then I realized that the sound was coming from a band playing Live! As I walked towards Shibuya 109, the music was getting louder and I could see a band playing on the street right in front of 109! Coming from Hawaii, where you can only play in clubs and not on the street, I was amazed! The band that was playing was " Drive Mone¥ " sho's previous band. I watched them play until they finished their set. They we're really good, energetic, passionate and very hungry towards music. A lot of people were watching and Sho and his band were really professional on promoting their band and showing respect and thanks towards their fans. After they finished their set, I walked over and told them that I liked their sound and band. We talked for a bit and I received a flyer for their next show.

From that day on I kept in contact with Sho and we became friends, I would go to his LIVE and one day he invited my band " Prom King " to play at their release party!!! I really have to say thanks to Sho and Drive Mone¥ ...because of their kindness I got to play in Japan which was always my dream. If it wasn't for DM¥ I probably wouldn't be here in Japan playing in SFS... Thank you. DM¥ came to an end.. but sho's music and passion will never come to an end. I was really happy to see him on stage again. I understand all the troubles he went through, bands falling apart, starting a new band.. but he never gave up and that gives me power to stay and to continue following my dream no matter what obstacles may appear in front of me.

Being in a band isn't just about playing shows, looking cool on stage, fashion, sponsers, stupid MYSPACE... you have to make sacrifices, you have to LOVE music, you have to LOVE being on stage, you have to LOVE your own band, you have to LOVE your fans... It doesn't matter if you play in a small LIVE HOUSE or TOKYO DOME... music should always come from your heart. be yourself and never forget your roots.....Sho これからもよろしくね!MUCH RESPECT! やろうぜ

Taku and Sho from KNIT

Memories~ with Drive Mone¥

my old band Prom King

Prom King and SOUND BEE ~ The drummer from SOUND BEE ( MAKOTO ) is now the drummer for KNIT