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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I started out making this song as a joke. I wanted to write a song about how pretty much every catchy, hit song follows the same pattern. I first wrote this song on my acoustic, but then got all excited and decided to lay down some tracks on my computer to hear it as a full band. So what's next?... might as well make a music video right? This was my first attempt at making a stop motion video, if I only knew what I was getting into! Over 40 pages of art for only 2 and a half minutes of video.. mad props to Disney! Songs not done yet, when I finish the full version I'll post it up! enjoy!


" Sing Along "

This song starts in C
it's followed by the letter G
don' forget the minor
that everybody likes
Now you'll start again
you don't even need a brain
to know that next is minor
and here's where it will change
this is called a pre chorus
throw some ahh's in back
and you're ready for a break

Sing a long it's time to raise your hands and sing a long
Sing a long it's time to raise your voice and sing a long
It's time to end the first chorus break and sing a long

Welcome back again
yes the same old chords again
but now we're going halftime
and we we'll cut it short
here's the pre-chorus you knew
I know that it feels like you got some dejavu