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Monday, March 27, 2006

Show at ANTIKNOCK Shinjuku Live House 3/27/2006

Today we had a show at ANTIKNOCK in Shinjuku~ It was our first time playing there and we were amazed at how big it was! We played last which didn't come to around 10:30pm!! All the bands that played were good and they were all cool people~ It was a very looooong day and night for all of us! Rocking out on a MONDAY NIGHT!!! My voice was all thrashed up from being sick and all the YUZU CHU-HI'S I drank!! All in all it was a long but enjoyable night! Thanks again Shiho for the pictures!!

Set List:

1.) graduation
2.) empty arms
3.) waiting
4.) new beginning
5.) fall in love
6.) song for you...
7.) better tomorrow