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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Playing at Summer Sonic was a dream come true, thousands of bands would die to play at this fest and being able to participate in it would satisify me for many years to come. BUT WAIT! It isn't over!! We got invited to play at the Summer Sonic After Pary at STUDIO COAST and guess who we will be playing with???!! MXPX AND THE OFFSPRING!!!!!!! I grew up listening to these two bands and I would die just being able to go to their show, but now, WE"LL BE PLAYING WITH THEM ON THE SAME STAGE!!!! YEAH! I have seen MxPx's show many times!! In Hawaii, California and I can honestly say that they are one of the best bands live!! They sounded just like their CD and their performance was soooooo GOOD!! I never went to an Offspring show, but I heard they were really good live too!!! Can't wait!

Before the show, we heard that MxPx would be coming down to the Hurley store in Harajuku. When I met them, they were really nice and down to earth. I figured after touring so much and being so famous that they would be all rockstar, but they were really nice guys! Tom ( guitar ) was so kind, the kind of guy you would call your best buddy! I was amazed to hear that he lived in Hawaii as a child! After meeting at Hurley, we went out to eat. MxPx are not only cool on stage but are just really nice people all around, I was glad to become friends with them.

The show the next day was CRAAAAAAAAAAZY!! Unlike Summer Sonic where you are playing at the same time other bands are playing, this time we were playing on the MAIN STAGE in front of a full house....sold out crowd!! The show went really good, the crowd was going crazy and the sound and light system was perfect!! After we played we watched MxPx and The Offspring from side stage!! MxPx rocked and The Offspring put on the tightest show! So many songs that brought back memories! LIFE IS GOOD!!!!

After the show was over we went to the VIP ROOM and hung out with everyone. Noodles from The Offspring came up to me and said he watched our whole set and that he liked our songs!! COOOOL! ahhh~ what a beautiful day.......

Me and Mike from MxPx

Me and Tom from MxPx

Kaz and Yuri from MxPx

SFS with Dexter from The Offspring

SFS and Noodles from The Offspring

SFS with Mike from MxPx