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Saturday, August 04, 2007


We stayed the night at our friends house in Chiba last night. He is the owner of Endless Surf, the coolest and cleanest surf shop in Chiba! Must check it out! He sells everything from Hurley to even Diesel!! The next morning, we went for a surf session before our show. The waves were small but it was fun and felt really good to get in the water. It was my first time being the ocean with all of SFS members at the same time!! After getting out of the water we headed to Kisarazu Graph to play at Boso Vibes Vol.3! This is one of my favorite events to play at!! A whole bunch of surfers and cool people all gather...it's a huge party! Also being able to play with our good friends No☆Gain and Fly☆81 is the cherry on top! Thanks everyone! I can't wait until Vol. 4!!!

the boyz!

Me and Maro san

SFS vs. Chiba