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Sunday, November 08, 2009


I played at my friend KAZZ's 3rd album " Guitalele Trip " party in Nishi-Azabu's 73 today. First of all, playing in Nishi-Azabu was so exciting for me, Nishi-Azabu is one of the nicest, most fancy, expensive cities in Tokyo. I met KAZZ when I played at The Road and The Sky and I was blown away at his musical skils. KAZZ doesn't sing.. and the main reason is because he doesn't have to! This guy is a one man band, playing guitar, bass, percussion, tambs and his guitalele ( guitar/ukulele ). all looped so he sounds like a full band! I can't explain how great he is just check him out!

  • The place we played at, " 73 " was REALLY nice! There are surfboards on the ceilings, surf photos on the walls, a really cool atmosphere. The owner surfs and is a super cool guy! After KAZZ played we had a session together! Dude can rip at the bongos! Thanks KAZZ and congratulations on your album, let's jam together again! Also thank you to the owner of 73 and all the staff, and Ryo for helping me out!

    西麻布の73でKAZZの 3rd album " Guitalele Trip "のrelease partyでライブしました。KAZZと出会ったのは、The Road and The Skyでした。最初KAZZのライブ見た時本当に驚いた!一人なのにFULL BANDのSOUNDでライブやっていたんだ!Drum,
    Bongo, Guitar, Guitalele全部一人でloopして演奏する。言葉じゃ、説明出来ないすごいよ!

    Jammin' with KAZZ!