" journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination... "

Friday, June 15, 2007


We are at Yamanakako ( Bell Bottom Studios ) to record some new songs. THIS PLACE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! It's located way in the mountains where the air is clean, the water is is fresh from a well that is 100 feet below, and the sounds of nature surrounds you. The studio itself is so cool, built inside a huge 3 floor log cabin. with a beautiful view of Mt.Fuji. We have our own personal building with 7 bedrooms and a huge dining area where we have our lunch and dinner! The owner of the studio and his staff prepare lunch and dinner for us!! He's an awesome chef and a really down to earth, nice guy! It's so nice here, that I have to remind myself that we are recoring and not on vacation!! This kind of atmosphere really changes the flavor of recording, I think it will come out really good!!If you get a chance you MUST come and visit here! Playing music in nature while looking at Mt.Fuji! Can't get better than this! SAIKO!!!

on our way to Yamananko

our home for a week

" Einstein " the PRETTIEST DOG EVER!!!!

K5's new BOGNER AMP!!!