" journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination... "

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Refresh your soul...

After recording, I finally had some time to stay home and relax. Now that it is rainy season, I have been in the house a lot. I like " hikky-komori " style sometimes, but after awhile I really want to go out and enjoy the outdoors. Today, to my suprise, it was a sunny day!! Akila had to do some business in Chiba so I went with him and we got to do a little surf session after. The waves were pretty small but after jumping in we had a good time. Living in Hawaii for so long I was very " zeitaku " which means I took it for granted. I would only go surf when the waves were perfect, but after moving to Japan, I realized a true surfer goes out even if the waves are small ( my dad's words! ahahaha ). Even though I didn't catch too many waves and the size wasn't too great, I felt really refreshed after. It's always good to jump in the ocean and receive nature once in awhile.

Tobacco plants, hard to believe something so fresh and green can be the leading cause of lung cancer