" journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination... "

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

New President from Hawaii.... Aaron in the Hospital for Eye Surgery !

It's been a good and bad 2 weeks for me. First of all, I want to say I'm happy that Barack Obama is the next President of the United States of America. I can finally say that I'm proud to be an American again. On top of that Obama is from Honolulu, Hawaii, my HOMETOWN!! I actually went to the same private highschool Obama went to..Punahou! I only stayed a few weeks though.... hmmm.. maybe if I would of stayed at Punahou I could of been the next President as well??

NEWS! I went into surgery for my eye. From all those years surfing and being exposed to the sun in Hawaii, my eye got Pterygium, also known as " Surfer's Eye " People who are in the sun a lot, tennis players, construction workers.. etc. are at high risk for this. For the past 5 years I noticed that my left eye would always get red and irritated, I went to the doctor and was told I needed to go into surgery and if I left it alone it could eventually block my vision. The operation was successful, but it hurt a lot!! Imagine a needle in your eye and watching the doctor cut pieces out of your eye then sewing it back up!!! I'm so glad the operation is over !

After surgery it was pretty hard adjusting to everyday life. I couldn't open both of my eyes and for one whole day I was blind! It was hard to eat, take a shower and sleep! I feel better know but it is hard to look out of both eyes, I can't watch T.V. too much and can't use the computer, even writing this now is very hard. I just have to rest and relax. I should be ok by the time we have our shows in December! But I might be wearing sunglasses!