" journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination... "

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I played a street live with my friends Drive Mone¥ at Harajuku and Yoyogi Park today. I played a street show with DM¥ about 8 years ago so it was really cool getting to play with them again, almost like an anniversary! Playing on the street is so much different than playing in live houses. Many different people stop to listen and your show is very raw, you really have to play from your heart because you don't have the luxury of nice sound systems, lights, smoke and atmosphere. We started at Harajuku Station ( omotesando exit ). While we were setting up there were so many foreigners taking pictures of all the cosplay girls and were also taking pictures of DM¥ since they have cool hair! Right before playing the police showed up and stopped us. We waited a few minutes and DM¥ started their set, a lot of people were watching and taking pictures but then the police came again and told us to leave. We packed up our stuff and moved towards Yoyogi Park where we set up and played. While playing, this time a couple of Rockabilly guys came and told us to leave because we were disrupting their performance and they told us this was their territory. So..... we packed up again and move a little bit farther where we played the rest of our show without and interruptions. This was street!!! I made so many new friends, different types of people, age, race, people that you would never meet at a live house. I was really happy that I got to play my songs for so many different people. I'm planning on playing every Sunday at Harajuku, if not at the station definately at Yoyogi Park by the Yakisoba, Okonomiyaki carts! Sorry for anyone who came to watch me and couldn't find me. See you on the streets!

今日原宿と代々木公園で、Drive Mone¥とStreet Liveやりました!8年前に彼らと一緒にやったことがあって、またこうして同じ場所でStreet Liveやれた事が懐かしくて嬉しかった!!やっぱり、Street Liveは、Live Houseでやるのとは全然違うね。Street Liveだと色々な人たち、年齢や国籍が違っても関係なく聴いてくれる。本当の生のSoundで、いい照明とか無いし、いい音じゃないし、Stageの安心感が無いから、本当に裸のままでやってるって感じ。でもすごい楽しい!!!準備してる時、コスプレを楽しみにしている外人がけっこう集まってた。Drive Mone¥は、fashionがけっこう目立つからみんなに写真撮られてた〜 DM¥が終わって俺の出番!の時に警察が来た。。。よし、代々木公園に移動!してLIVEやりましたーー!そしたら、今度はロカビリーの人に囲まれて。。あ〜〜あ〜。また移動。これがSTREETだ!!ハプニングがあったんだけど、New friendsができたし、色々な人に聴いてもらったから最高の日だった!来週またやるつもりだから、みんな、是非来てください!