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Monday, July 23, 2007


Today I had a day off so I was looking through some old videos that I had and I found this video of me bodyboarding at Wild Blue Yokohama. Wild Blue Yokohama was a huge indoor pool that had everything from water slides, waking pools and of course the wave pool! The pool produced little 2~3 foot waves that were fun to mess around on. When I first came to Japan, I would get so anxious to surf, not knowing how to get to the beach and not birnging my surfboard at that time, I was told about Wild Blue and I found my cure.

I've never surfed in a pool before and was a bit skeptical, but after my first wave, I was addicted! Each wave was only a short ride, but just enough to cure that " wave hunger " that I got from being in Japan. Not only was the wave pool fun, but the staff and the regulars that went there were really nice. Almost like an indoor pool family, young kids to older ojiisans who almost went to Wild Blue everyday. They knew the pool really well and were good!

I prefer the beach over surfing in pools but I liked how this pool brought people of all ages together and formed sort of a community. This place was perfect for the older people who couldn't go to the beach, people who had work and didn't have time to go to the beach, people living in Tokyo that couldn't make the long drive to the beaches, and for beginners who wanted to learn how to catch waves.

Unfortunately, because of lack of buisness and the high cost of maintaining the pool, Wild Blue closed down. A condominium was built where it once stood. I miss going there and all the people that worked and played there. Luckily I got this video to remind me of those good times. Check it out!