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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The show at The Road and The Sky was so fun! I got to watch Kazz shred on the guitar, and hear the nice Hawaiian Style vibes from Yukalicious and Fuuma! Thank you to everyone that came it was a great show! I hope I can play there again soon!! Thanks Nalu san and all the staff!

Me and Courtney (the coolest kid ever!) jam session!

Me, Kazz, Anton, Nalu San, Fuuma, Yukari and friends.. and dog!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I'll be playing a show at The Road and The Sky in Kanazawa Bunko this Sunday 9.27.09 ! Come down and party with us!

Place : The Road and The Sky ( Kanazawa Bunko )
Date : Sunday, Sept. 27
Open : 17:00
Ticket : ¥1,000
Artists : Kazz, Yukalicious/Anton, A2ron

I will be playing last this night, probably around 21:00.

  • The Road and The Sky
  • Sunday, September 20, 2009


    This is a cartoon I'm starting! " Life with Uncle D ". Based on actual events in Hawaii!

    Thursday, September 17, 2009


    Sunday, September 13, 2009


    I played a show at Yokosuka's PUMPKIN! It was my friend's band, UNDERLIFE'S event ..I got to play with some really cool bands! KIDD from GIFU we're on tour for their album release, everyone was so nice! Also playing was Kura, RUNNERS-HI and UNDERLIFE! The show was really good, I was the only acoustic act that night so I was a little nervous but it turned out way better than I thought! At the after party I pulled out my acoustic and we all sang some campfire songs! ahaha! It was great! Thanks for inviting me Jun!

    the guys from RUNNERS-HI, UNDERLIFE and KIDD


    Thursday, September 10, 2009


    This is an old video of my Uncle Dennis and the rest of the family skating on his homemade halfpipe. We used to live right on the lake in Brighton, Michigan and my Uncle Dennis with the help of my Grandpa built a halfpipe right in our backyard! Now this was when skateboarding just came out, so Uncle D was probably the only guy within miles who was skating halfpipes at that time, he even got a photo in the newspaper. I didn't know my sister Gina could skate so good! Yeah G&S and SIMS!

    Tuesday, September 08, 2009


    Saturday, September 05, 2009

    LYRICS !!

    Saying Goodbye

    I didn't think I'd say the words that came out
    I wanted to say sorry but I hung up on you
    I called you the next day, I thought everything was o.k.
    but sometimes I'm mistaken blinded by my own pride

    This time I thought I'd get it right
    through our arguments and fights
    I thought that we were still compatible
    When we're not seeing eye to eye
    there's no sense in asking why
    it's time to spread our wings out, it's time to tell each other

    When you say you can't take it
    and you feel you should break it
    just turn around and walk away from me now
    In your voice you don't mean it, but in your I eyes I see it
    maybe it's time to just say goodbye

    Do you remember when
    you said we could still be friends
    I thought that too but things don't always work out right
    The times that we had spent
    I never will forget
    I always ask myself why something right went so wrong

    This time I thought I'd get it right
    through our arguments and fights
    I thought that we were still compatible
    When we're not seeing eye to eye
    there's no sense in asking why
    it's time to spread our wings out, it's time to tell each other

    * Chorus

    I know it's time to go and I feel so alone
    There's nothing else we can do
    just close up all our open wounds
    will I see you again? Is this called The End?
    is this saying goodbye?



    Maybe I was stupid
    and maybe I'm the one to blame
    and maybe everything was all my fault
    living is so easy
    but forgiving is the hardest part
    and knowing when to say when it's all over
    saying the same old things agains
    live in the world that we are living
    if flowers wither does that mean that we should too?

    Monday we were in heaven
    Tuesday we stayed in bed 'tll seven
    when's the day when you'll get ove rme?
    Thursday now I'm calling
    Friday now our castles falling
    Saturday, Sunday you waled away from me

    Pitiful as it seems
    the story ends at chapter three
    with empty pages scattered on the floor
    all my life I waited
    for someone who was just like you
    but now that person's gone and now it's over
    Whatever happened to that fire?
    what are we doing to each other
    if flowers wither does that mean that we should too?


    What can I do?
    there's nothing left to say
    the smiles we shared
    they slowly start to fade away
    oh please don't cry
    oh please don't cry
    let's reach inside
    and fall in love once again



    You're running out of time they say
    you're only chance is going away
    simple words and melodies were
    not enough to pave the way
    You're following you're hearts desire
    you feel it burning like a fire
    dream about everyday
    just to wake another day

    and you see it in your eyes
    it's almost in your hands
    you gotta recognize and understand

    If you don't believe
    you're never gonna see it
    if you don't try hard
    you're never gonna make it
    when the cards you've been dealt add to none
    you start from scratch and carry on
    if you don't have faith
    what's the use in praying
    don't fall down you're never gonna stand up
    and when you feel like giving up again
    believe in yourself

    All you have to do is try
    and everything will be alright
    no more time for second chances
    so give it all you got this time
    so you're living in a dream
    while everyone's awake
    well it doesn't mean you got to be the same

    * Chorus

    When you feel like there's no hope
    believe in yourself
    when you're down to you're last breath
    believe in yourself

    Wednesday, September 02, 2009


    Here's a list of the shows that I will be playing in this month!

    9/6/09 : Harajuku Station ( Omotesando Exit ) maybe Yoyogi Park 2:00 p.m. to 5 :00 p.m.

    9/13/09 : Yokosuka Pumpkin ( UNDER LIFE presents KIDD ( from Gifu ) CD release party bands: Kidd, RUNNERS-Hi, A2ron, kura, UNDER LIFE )

    9/27/09 : the Road and the Sky ( Kanazawa Bunko ) 6:00 p.m.
  • the Road and the Sky

  • See you at the show! " It's Punk-oustic !! "

    Tuesday, September 01, 2009


    Today I went to Zushi and played my song" Monday " which will be aired on Shonan Beach FM 78.9 Sunday 9.6.09. I'm not sure what time it will be aired, when I get more info I will update everyone! Thanks Yuki san from Shonan Beach Fm and Nalu san from SURFERS (The Road And The Sky).