" journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination... "

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Working almost everday... no waves for almost 3 months, then the typhoon swell arrived. Waiting out in the line up, a set came rolling in from the outside and everyone scrambled outside. I ducked under the first few waves and after popping up, I noticed that everyone had got sucked back... and THERE IT WAS... The last wave of the set, lining up perfect and I was in the perfect spot. The wave set up so nice and I got the most epic ride! The best part was that the wave was photographed! Now I can reminisce on this wave whenever I'm stressed out at work. Thanks for the shot Starboard.Inc ( starb.cool.ne.jp )


Sunday, September 19, 2010


I played a show today at Hello Dolly in Utsunomiya. My band Start From Scratch played at this event twice before and it was the first time I played it solo. Kaz jammed the cajon for me and helped alot in driving, thanks Kaz! I didn't realize how far Utsumoniya was from my house, 180km!! Some how we managed to make it on time even though there was 3 accidents and so much traffic! Utsunomiya is famous for their gyouza so after the show Kaz and I ate gyouza with my friends Shove-it. It was a long day, but playing music with your friends and meeting new people is priceless. Thank you Kakeru and Kaz!

just another 100km!

three different types of Gyouza!

Katsumi the Gyouza Man!