" journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination... "

Friday, February 27, 2009


We played a show at Mosaic with some bands that we never played with before. The situation was different from most of the shows we played, there were people actually sitting at tables! It still was cool and made me realize that a band should never change to the situation of the live house, even if there are only 2 people watching, sitting, or even sleeping, if your band can stay energetic and have fun, you'll always have a good show no matter what the conditons are~ don't forget to have FUN! keep your roots and make friends with everyone!

with " the quiet words " from Atsugi

360g Hamburg Steak~ from KUISHINBO

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My good friend's band " POSSIBILITY " had their Tour Final today at Shibuya's CLUB QUATTRO. POSSIBILITY is from our hometown Shonan as well and have been rocking the stage for more than 10 years now as a band. I got so much respect for these guys, they are really kind and focused on their music, watching them work so hard inspires me to try harder with my music and my band. I got to perform with them at their final as a guest vocalist, it was a really good show~ with guest vocals PASSER, SHUN and KJ from DRAGON ASH. POSSI's live performance is very professional and all of the fans go crazy! The show was also filmed and broadcasted live~! OTSUKARE guys and thanks for letting me share the stage with you!


Kazuo ( Gtr)

EIG ( Rgt. MC )

43K ( Lft. MC )

Hayato ( Dr.)

chillin' with the boyz and KJ from DRAGON ASH


Monday, February 23, 2009


We went to our band camp ( Gasshyuku ) to get ready for our recording and prepare for our upcoming shows! As always, we had a great time and ate too much good food!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Every Saturday I hear the music of the Twinkle Jack Ice Cream Truck driving in front of my house. ahhhh~ makes me feel like a kid again~I think Twinkle Jack Ice Cream is only in the Shonan area, I'm not sure, but the ice cream is so good, probably one of the best I've had!! The man selling the ice cream, I'll call him " Jack san " is really nice and friendly. Chocolate is the best! If you ever get the chance, try Twinkle Jack Ice Cream you'll fall in love! You can also get free ice cream by collecting stamps! jiyeaah!