" journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination... "

Friday, January 26, 2007


When we we're on our " Between Heaven And You... TOUR " in the summer of 2006, we had a show at Sendai's Macana Live House. We didn't expect to have an interview or photo shoot as you can tell by our fashion!! ( surf shorts and slippers? ) ahaha! When you are on tour it's hard to do laundry!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Childhood memories...

This is a picture I drew of my friend Jayson and I as kids beating the crap out of a mattress to relieve some teenage issues!! It's funny how little insignificant things meant so much to you when you were a kid. Memories good or bad will always be floating around in your head, I like to stop and reminisce on them once in awhile. Jay, I'd like to meet Quentin and the boyz now, hehehehe!

Friday, January 12, 2007

My buddy Buddha!

Today I went with my family to check out the Buddha dude in Hase. I've always been fascinated by the culture and traditions of Japan. I just sat there looking at the statue of Buddha for awhile.. thinking.. thinking... It's amazing how so many deep thoughts run through your head if you just stop and take the time to relax and concentrate. There was definately some strong vibes coming from this statue. cooool!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Today K5 and I worked on a couple of new songs that I made. It's cool how a simple song that you made on one guitar can blossom into a full compositon. Jesse stopped by after and we got to jam a little. I'm really excited about these new songs, can't wait to play them with our whole band! たのしみにしてね!

Monday, January 01, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR !! 2007 !!

2007!! Yeah! This year went by really fast! 2006 was a very special year for me, " Between Heaven and You... " Album was released, Japan Tour, One Man Tour Final at ASTROHALL, " Sunny Day " single released and " Sunny Day " Release Party !! I got to go to many different places and made a lot of new friends!! This year I will try to make it an even better year!

New Year's Eve my friends Katsumi and Waka from the band " Shove -It " came over to my house. We had dinner, and talked all night until sunrise. We went to the beach to check out the " HINODE " the first rising sun of the new year. It was my first time !!! Thank you Katsumi and Waka, I'm glad I got to spend New Years with you guys, you are my TRUE friends!! 今年も頑張ろうぜ!