" journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination... "

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


After recording at Yamanakako, without resting we went straight to Osaka for radio interviews, then Kobe for some more radio interviews and then back to Osaka again to play a show at 2nd Line! The next day we drove down to Nagoya and had a show at Apollo theater!!! We were only gone from home for about 10 days but it seemed like forever!! We had a great time but it felt so good to come home and sleep in my own bed!!! The new songs we recorded came out really good! Can't wait to hear the finished mix!! hehehehehe!

Mosquitoes loved Kaz!

what's wrong wth this picture???

Nana chan!

Friday, June 15, 2007


We are at Yamanakako ( Bell Bottom Studios ) to record some new songs. THIS PLACE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! It's located way in the mountains where the air is clean, the water is is fresh from a well that is 100 feet below, and the sounds of nature surrounds you. The studio itself is so cool, built inside a huge 3 floor log cabin. with a beautiful view of Mt.Fuji. We have our own personal building with 7 bedrooms and a huge dining area where we have our lunch and dinner! The owner of the studio and his staff prepare lunch and dinner for us!! He's an awesome chef and a really down to earth, nice guy! It's so nice here, that I have to remind myself that we are recoring and not on vacation!! This kind of atmosphere really changes the flavor of recording, I think it will come out really good!!If you get a chance you MUST come and visit here! Playing music in nature while looking at Mt.Fuji! Can't get better than this! SAIKO!!!

on our way to Yamananko

our home for a week

" Einstein " the PRETTIEST DOG EVER!!!!

K5's new BOGNER AMP!!!


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

" follow your dreams... "

This is my favorite scene from the movie " Robots ". Every time I feel down or feel like giving up, I watch this clip and it inspires me to try my hardest... " never give up "


hello everyone!! Sorry for not updating my blog~ I have been really busy writing new material and getting ready for our " Change The World " TOUR!! When things settle down I promise I will upload some new photos and new blog entries!